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New Online Stores

Rachel Blum, Princeton (Class of 2011), created a new online
 store that makes money for organizations and companies. 

Just Ask Marilyn Young at the River City Science Academy.

After reviewing the gear she wanted to offer, we gave her a free link which featured the new school  logo. She emailed supporters and they were given two weeks to order via PayPal or credit card. Within 10 days after the store closed she received her order in bulk with a spreadsheet of who ordered what and a check for $400. Marilyn was thrilled.  

Take a look at other links we've created.  Our online store concept has flexibility. This temporary store worked great. Find out how. Call us at 262-9155 or email   This is open year round and the link is sent to all the stores in the Woody's chain. We add new styles from time to time.    This has been our best performing store. Tiger Inn earned $3200.  Initial investment  $0

Find out how.    Residents of this residential community are proud of where they live and Nocatee put up a display with the gear and emailed residents the link.

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